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                                       27 June 2013

Friday, 11 January 1985


Synopsis: Communication For Productivity
Letters written to some 7500 Workers / Managers / Union Leaders, following a period of strike / Go slow / Murders (1979 - 1987), at Mumbai factory of Larsen & Toubro Ltd. This direct / open / honest communication led to a remarkable atmosphere of trust between Workers and Management, which, in turn, increased productivity at 3% per year (ave). 

11 Jan 1985

Mr. -
(Assistant Manager - Quality Control)

Worker - Education - Syllabus

We need your help in 'this vital matter !

We need a write-up, hand-outs, slides etc. on

                     "Why control quality ?"
to include in our training programs
I hope you will not  let us down .!

In simple  English (or better  yet, Marathi)  we want  to tell the  workers  why  defect-free production  is  vital  to  our survival.  What's the idea behind zero-defect.  How each man must become his own inspector etc. etc.

We  have  already received  write-ups  on  almost  all  other subjects.  Will you please phone me ?

cc: Asst. Manager - Ap. Trg. Section cc: DGM (Emp. Welfare)

(Mgr. Plant Eng. - Gr. II)

Worker - Education - Syllabus

Mr.  V. K.  Mahajan  tells me  that  you  have contributed  a write-up on,

"Better Maintenance".

I  appreciate your  contribution  and  I hope  you  and  your colleagues  will  futher come  forward,  not only  with  more teaching materials, slides,  hand-outs etc. but that  some of you  will actually  take the  classes,   if we  wish  to rank amongst  the  TOP  TEN  PLANTS  OF  INDIA,  it  would  become possible only through whole  hearted involvement of employees in  what have  been traditionally  "management  - responsibilities" -  maintenance being one.   Changing work-attitudes & culture has  never been an  easy task  - even in Japan  - but then  "Search - for excellence" was never an easy  task!  The key  is to unleash the latent potential of employees.

Mr. (Secy., Suggestion Scheme)

                     Worker - Education Classes / Syllabus.

Mr. V.K. Mahajan tells me you have contributed articles on                   

" Suggestion - Scheme".

I appreciate  your contribution  and hope  you will  actually take the classes on this subject.   You are aware of how much importance I attach to the Suggestion  - Scheme.  Whereas all other  means /  instruments  of  employee-involvement are  by nature  slow  & evolutionary,  I  firmly  believe  that  the Suggestion-Scheme can make employees "involved"  in a BIG way in a short-span.

If you and your  team want to set for  yourselves a target of doubling the  savings each  year for  the next  5 years  in a row,  it  is  possible   !   Our  Suggestion-scheme  has  the potential to  become the main  driving force of  our "Pyramid of Worker  Participation".  You must  start your  own monthly newsletter from this month.

(Manager - Works Accounts - Gr. III)

Worker - Education Syllabus.

Mr. V.K. Mahajan tells me that you have contributed  a write-up on
"Budgetary Control System."

I appreciate  your contribution  in our  efforts to  increase the  understanding  of  our  employees.    In  my  conceptual "Pyramid of Worker Participation"  (ask me for a copy  if you have not  seen), during phase  III I have  envisaged employee participation in,

"Input decisions & Output decisions".

And  since  all  inputs/outputs  have  to   be  budgeted  and controlled,  employee   involvement  in  budgeting   must  be preceded by  educating  them on  the "process"  of budgeting. Can I request you to actually take the classes ?

(Manager - Design Development)

Worker Education Classes / Syllabus

Mr. V.K. Mahajan tells me  that you have contributed a write-up on
"Costing / Cost - estimation".

I  appreciate  your contribution  in  this  vital  matter  of educating our employees.

We have no option to bring-down costs by reducing wages  !

Our only option  is to bring-up  the worker-understanding and the worker-perception of what  is happening and  where we are headed.

If we  can make them  appreciate what needs  to be  done then half the battle is won.   I hope you and your colleagues will help by actually taking classes.

(Asst. Manager - Maintenance Department)

                 Worker Education Syllabus

Mr. V.K. Mahajan tells me you have contributed a write-up on                    
"House - Keeping."

I appreciate  your  efforts in  educating employees  in  this vital aspect.

Now  that  both  of  us have  seen  Maruti  Factory,  we  can appreciate  what  beneficial effect  good  house-keeping  can have on the morale of the people and on productivity.

But since we cannot  take 7000 employees of Powai  to Maruti, let us see if there is any way of bringing "Maruti" to Powai!

Let us this be your challenge to figure out how ?

(Manager - Ind. Engg.)
Gr. II

                 Worker Education Syllabus.

Mr. V.K. Mahajan told me you have contributed a write-up on             

"Better Utilization of Materials."

I appreciate your help in this vital matter.

But I hope you will not stop at that.

I hope you  will actually take  classes and use  every forum available to influence worker thinking.

And  I hope  you will  inspire  your other  colleagues  to do likewise.

Remember, there is no other option '.

(Manager - Personnel Department)               
(Powai Works)

Worker Education Syllabus

Mr. V.K. Mahajan  told me you have  contributed an article on "Administrative Controls".

I appreciate this.

I expect you  and your Personnel Officers  to use forums such as

-    Worker Education classes                    
-    Unit level Productivity meetings                    
-    Shop level Productivity meetings                    
-    Safety meetings

to maximum advantage.

These are  our opportunities  to "influence"  worker thinking on  a host  of subjects  -  also to  get valuable  grass-root feedback for passing-on to foremen / line - managers.

(Technical Training Centre - Gr. III)

Worker Education Syllabus

Mr. V.K. Mahajan tells me that you  have contributed articles on

"Motion-Study/Work-Study/Productivity Better Maintenance".

I appreciate  your contribution in  an area which  I consider to be  at the  centre of  all our  efforts at  changing Work-culture at Powai.

Through  Worker  Education  Classes, can  I  request  you  to extend  to the  rest of  Powai, what good  training work  you have been doing  for last few years for the PSW Workers?  The need of the day  is to work "Synergetically".  I am confident that you  and your  colleagues in  PSW won't hold  yourselves back in this crusade to  make Powai an oasis in the desert of polluted Work-ethics.


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